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Expert software for the GRC professional

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Are your company invoices managed in MS Excel?
  • Is your company website developed with MS Word?
  • Is your car designed with pencil and a piece of paper?
Well of course not!
  • These disciplines use specialist software to support their activities and to make them more efficient and professional.

Now answer honestly:
  • Does your team work with specialised software?
    Or are your only tools MS Word, MS Excel and a shared network drive?
  • Well, we understand and see this all the time.
    If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
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Your local, trusted partner

Sepia Solutions can be your local, trusted partner to provide and fully implement specialist GRC software. This will make your audit department, risk management team, or compliance officers more efficient and more professional so that the team members can focus on those areas where they add the most value.
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Fully implemented and supported

Sepia Solutions will not only sell you this software but provide you all the services you might expect to make sure it is properly installed and the users are fully trained.

After the initial implementation project, our valued customers continue to rely our expertise and years of experience, receiving both technical support and guidance on more functional dilemmas.

Let Sepia Solutions be your catalyst in your data analysis, audit management, risk management and compliance efforts!
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Expert software

  • Arbutus

    Arbutus is a specialist Data Analytics tool that imports most common and indeed many uncommon data formats, processes huge sets of data, performs fuzzy matching, records and runs automated scripts, and enables easy sharing within the team.

  • Pentana

    Pentana supports the complete Audit Management process from yearly (risk-based) audit planning, audit fieldwork, risk & control assessments, audit reporting, to action follow-up.

    Just a easily, the software can be used by the Risk Management team to assess and analyse risks across the organisation, or by Compliance and first-line of defense professionals to contribute in assessments or document incidents.

  • Retain

    Retain is a planning tool, ideal for larger organisations that face challenges in efficiently planning their resources.

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Implementation services

End-to-end implementation services

  • Installation

  • Training

  • Coaching during configurations

  • Consultancy

  • Development and tailoring

  • Technical support

     > Discover our complete service offering.
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Sceptical? You should be.

So, do not take our word for it and instead listen to your colleagues.
Some of our clients have published success stories documenting increased efficiencies and assurance, benefits and other added values.

A few quotes from clients ...

Achmea - Internal Audit

"We received excellent support throughout the project via Sepia Solutions and from Ideagen themselves. Sepia were excellent to work with, not only being very well informed in regards to the functionality of Pentana but they also brought outstanding insight and advice ahead of our configuration decisions which assisted us greatly.

In addition, not only were Sepia knowledgeable regarding the product, but they were very experienced and familiar with the audit process in general, accommodating clear understanding and smooth communications between our key users, future users and the vendor, Ideagen."

Corné Mulders - Senior Manager of Internal Audit

Heineken International - Global Corporate Audit

"Pentana was the chosen product due to the flexibility it offered us to have our process in the audit management system."

"Flexible, customisable and user-friendly; for those reasons I would recommend Pentana to my peers."

Caroline Griffiths - Senior Manager Global Audit

Van Lanschot Bankiers - Internal Audit

"The flexibility of Pentana ensured it was possible to implement an audit tool in accordance with our existing audit methodology."

"It was found that the excellent training and insightful guidance provided by Sepia Solutions facilitated the smooth implementation of the tool and ensured the department gained a comprehensive understanding of both the technical and functional design of Pentana."

Sophie Roozen - IT Audit Manager

BDO - Risk Advisory Services

"I highly recommend Ideagen's Pentana, it provides a powerful tool for audit, risk and compliance departments and will certainly help us to become a better equipped and even more professional organisation."

"Other software packages were considered, however Ideagen's Pentana solution best matched our needs and expectations."

John Hijmans - Partner

Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep - Inspection

"Because our inspectors do not have to deal with potential barriers of paper-based systems and processes, our inspections now generate around 50% more output while re-work and other manual tasks have significantly decreased."

"We are delighted with Sepia‘s support throughout. With their help in configuring Pentana and spreading the knowledge of how to use the product across the organisation, we have seen great benefits and it modernised our ways of working."

Christel Van Camp - Process Manager Compliance and Integrity

Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep - Internal Audit

"Pentana was the product we chose because, as well as being able to be configured to our exact requirements, it also came with excellent professional support through Ideagen and their local partner Sepia Solutions."

"Almost immediately, Pentana encourages closer communications with our Risk and Compliance departments, and provide our audit director with increased visibility and a complete overview of the audits in progress."

Ludo Schrijnemakers - Senior ICT Auditor

AGC Europe - Internal Audit

"We would recommend Pentana because we have found it to be competitively priced. The installation went very well and with ease and the tool itself is dynamic, comprehensive, available in several languages, user-friendly and intuitive."

"With Pentana, templates are automatically copied into the audit file at the moment of the audit creation, which saves us time and ensures the use of the correct template."

ACIA EU office spokesperson

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