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One of the strong pillars of Sepia Solutions is delivering quality training in Data Analysis & Migration as well as Audit & Risk Management.

All training materials are developed in-house to achieve optimal learning experience.

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Audit & Risk Management

For a start, Sepia Solutions will assist in installing and configuring all components of the PAWS software.

Then we help in setting up the audit universe, risks, aliases, users, etc. Upon request we perform data conversion from existing audit materials (e.g. steps in audit plan).

Finally we can build valuable reports, bringing to life all the information in the database.

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Data Analysis & Migration

Based on years of experience with data analysis tools and databases, our experts can help you with your data analysis and migration projects.

Incomprehensible data formats, impossibly large data files, or scattered data are not a problem with the right tools and expertise.

Sometimes you simply do not have enough time to do or learn it all.

Focus on your core competences, while
we take care of your data!

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