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Specialised Software Suites

Arbutus Analyzer: Data Analysis, Migration and Reporting

Arbutus Analyzer The Arbutus desktop technology is designed to support easy access and analysis of data from a wide variety of data sources and data types, and to process commercial data volumes, with minimal involvement from IT personnel.

> Discover the Arbutus software and functionality.

Ideagen Pentana: The next generation Audit, Compliance and Risk Management software

Pentana Home Screen Ideagen Pentana is a comprehensive software suite facilitating and supporting your Audit Methodology, Compliance efforts and Risk Management from A to Z.

Optimised for usage over WAN and slow networks, providing off-line working capabilities and extensive audit, compliance and risk management features, this software is ideally suited to support your team and methodology.

> Discover the features of Ideagen Pentana and how they will benefit you.