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Individual client success stories

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Achmea - Pentana gives Achmea peace of mind in auditing operations

Achmea - Internal Audit

Pentana gives Achmea peace of mind in auditing operations

"Before the implementation of Pentana, we used MS Office for analysis and reporting as well as Explorer which allowed us to set up structured folders on the network drive to both manage and create audit files." explains Corné Mulders, Senior Manager of Internal Audit

Corné added: "Pentana is a flexible product which can be tailored to an organisation’s exact needs. For our department, we had a set of custom report templates developed which automatically populate with data collected during an audit assignment, which has quickened auditing times for us. However, although speed is a big factor for us, the main benefit is the quality of our audit files, which has significally increased."

"We would definitely recommend Pentana and also Ideagen and Sepia Solutions. We have received very good support from both and even after implementation they remain available for questions and help."

     > Download the success story for full text and details.

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Argenta - Inspection increases performance by using Pentana

Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep

Inspection increases performance with Pentana

By implementing Pentana, the paper-based and manual processes which were obstructing inspectors during their on-site reviews, could be removed. Now, the Inspection team uses Pentana to perform inspections of Argenta‘s local branches, to document their findings, recommendations and actions electronically in a consistent way and to deliver the outputs in a standardised and easy to consume report.
In short, Argenta‘s Inspection team‘s processes are now solid and consistent while objective measurement is now possible and action follow-up automatic.

"Because our inspectors do not have to deal with potential barriers of paper-based systems and processes, our inspections now generate around 50% more output while re-work and other manual tasks have significantly decreased. [...]

We are delighted with Sepia‘s support throughout. With their help in configuring Pentana and spreading the knowledge of how to use the product across the organisation, we have witnessed great benefits and it modernised our ways of working." comments Christel Van Camp, Process Manager within the Department of Compliance and Integrity

     > Download the success story for full text and details.

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Argenta - Benefits from auditing with Pentana

Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep

Internal Audit benefits from paperless auditing with Pentana

"Our previous system saw audit reports written in MS Word with much of the work in the field being performed in MS Excel, with evidence and documentation stored on a shared network drive. Recommendations and action plans, on the other hand, were stored in a MS Access database."
recalls Ludo Schrijnemakers, Senior ICT Auditor at Argenta.

On behalf of Ideagen, Sepia Solutions implemented the Pentana software and provided in depth training to users at key stages of the project. "We were delighted with the support shown by Sepia Solutions through the entire project," explained Ludo. "They swiftly became acquainted with our audit and risk methodology and helped us translate it into a working Pentana solution."

"Audit documentation is immediately stored in the right location within Pentana, resulting in the overall time of the audit being reduced, costs being lowered [...] and a reduced environmental impact."

Ludo summarises: "Using a software tool for managing and performing audits is clearly a huge benefit, and Pentana has been an outstanding product for us. In our opinion, Pentana is one of the best auditing tools on the market because of its Audit and Operational Risk functionality and documentation capability. The co-operation with Sepia Solutions worked very well, and we would certainly recommend Pentana to other organisations."

     > Download the success story for full text and details.

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Van Lanschot Bankiers - Internal Audit Department

Van Lanschot Bankiers - Internal Audit department

Facilitates collaborative working across multiple offices

Sophie Roozen, IT Audit Manager at Van Lanschot outlined the challenges the audit department faced:
  • the audit department was using hardcopy, paper files
  • the audit team was going to move and work across multiple offices

Implementing Pentana made it possible to work collaboratively and securely across multiple offices. The audit tool has also improved the effectiveness of the teams by facilitating progress monitoring and supporting a structured review and approve cycle. Moreover, the flexibility of Pentana ensured it was possible to implement an audit tool in accordance with Van Lanschot's existing audit methodology.

Sophie Roozen summarises the implemented audit approach as follows:
  • the Auditors execute and complete their tests and document findings
  • the Audit Managers review and approve these components
  • the Audit Director approves the announcement letter, draft and final report

     > Download the success story for full text and details.

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AGC Success story

AGC Europe - Internal Audit department

Increases audit assurance

AGC Corp Internal Audit (ACIA) EU office explains how before using Pentana their audit department utilised a diverse set of tools resulting in a number of issues.

The implementation and use of Pentana enabled a wide range of benefits:
  • harmonization and standardization of the audit approach,
  • increasing productivity and efficiency of auditor,
  • increasing audit assurance,
  • increasing quality and completeness of audit trails,
  • improving visibility on audit progress for management,
  • centralising audit material and
  • facilitating efficient action follow-up.

ACIA EU offfice concluded, "We would recommend Ideagen‘s Pentana software because we have found it to be competitively priced, installs smoothly, dynamic, comprehensive, available in several languages, user-friendly and intuitive."

     > Read or download the PDF of this success story here.

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Heineken Success story

Heineken International - Global Audit division

Professionalises their operations

In this video (and PDF) Caroline Griffiths, Senior Audit Corporate & Professional Practice describes the challenges Heineken's third line of defence faced as: "... an increased need to ensure we had one common way or working, standardised procedures, common tooling and visibility on each other's work"

Caroline clarifies that Pentana was the choses supplier due to the "flexibility it offered to have our process in the audit management system".

In a few words, Caroline would describe the Pentana software as "Flexible, customisable and user-friendly," adding "for those reasons I would recommend Pentana to my peers."

     > Watch the 4-minute video here.
     > Read or download the PDF of this success story here.

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BBVA Video message


Discusses benefits Pentana Vision brings to the business

BBVA's Quality Assurance and Audit Tools Director for Internal Audit, Cristina González Barreda, talks about benefits Ideagen's Audit and Risk Management solution, Pentana Vision, has delivered in their business.

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BBVA) is a multinational Spanish banking group and it's the second largest bank in Spain. BBVA currently has 650 Pentana users

     > Read or download the PDF of this success story here.
     > Watch the 2-minute video here.

Although BBVA is no direct client of Sepia Solutions but instead one of the other Pentana/Ideagen partners, this story is interesting enough to be added here for your information.

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BDO Success story

BDO Risk & Advisory Services

Increases Efficiencies with Three Lines of Defence

Sepia Solutions, provided BDO Risk Advisory Services - The Netherlands with an effective client focused "three lines of defence environment", with real-time insight into the Risk & Control framework based on Ideagen's Pentana Vision software.

As an Ideagen / Pentana accredited Level 3 Implementation Partner, Sepia Solutions has contributed to the further success of BDO‘s Risk Management and Compliance activities with their clients. For more details, download this Success Story.

     > Read or download this success story here.

In addition Nigel Burbidge, Partner/Global Chair Risk & Advisory Services at BDO, explains the benefits Ideagen's Audit & Risk Management solution, Pentana, delivered in BDO in this video:

     > Watch the 4-minute video here.

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